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Did You know?
Burdock has been found to speed
up the lymphatic system and fortifies
the immune system. It cleanses
the blood, as well as cleans and
nourishes the skin.

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Your Expectations

Our research and clinical studies have shown that maximum hair growth results have been achieved after using OCHS for 3 consecutive months. Excellent hair growth was seen, even in our most difficult cases.

Hair growth rates vary depending on your overall health, age & length of your hair. Short hair grows fastest, approximately 3/4 of an inch per month.

We refer to 3 months as a "cycle". Our hair formula has been formulated to add new strength and fullness to your hair with each new "cycle". We provide a new holistic approach to hair growth.

With continued use, you will see added strength and fullness to your hair. And positive results will occur in 1-3 months of use, when used as recommended.

Our studies have shown the following hair treatment process while using the OCHS formula:

1-30 days --- 45-85% reduction in hair loss. Hair loss is reduced in shampooing and the shower. Receding hairline stops and hair is 50% stronger.
31-61 days --- Hair growth at root level becomes more noticeable.
The hair follicles are receiving nutrition on a constant basis and the strong hair growth cycle is beginning to be established.
61-90 days
---Strong hair growth cycle. Hair growth cycle is being restored and hair follicles are producing healthy growth.
90+ days
--- With continued usage of OCHS, the growth cycle remains strong.

front of head hair regrowth hair regrowth process from back
Front view of the hair regrowth process Hair growth activity from the back

Three months are just the beginning of successful hair growth with daily usage of our hair growth treatment. Our goal is to imbed a holistic approach to the hair growth treatment process.
Continued use can ensure longer, stronger, healthier, hair.

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