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Nettle is one of the most useful of all plants according to folks of the old world in Europe. They have learned this from centuries of experience. It has been said that, "the sting of the Nettle is but nothing compared to the pains that it heals". (Lelord Kordels, Natural Folk Remedies)

The plant contains alkaloids that neutralize uric acid which help rheumatism. It is rich in iron, which is vital in circulation and helpful in high blood pressure. The tannin in the root has been used as an astringent enema to shrink hemorrhoids and reduce excess menstrual flow.

Nettle is so rich in chlorophyll that the English used it to make the green dye in World War II as camouflage paint. It is also rich in silicon and potassium. Nettle contains a high content of protein .It is rich in vitamins A and C, and contains vitamins E, F, and P, calcium, sulfur, sodium, copper, manganese, chromium and zinc. Nettle provides an excellent supply of calcium and vitamin D.

Nettle has been found to:
· Stop rheumatic pain
· Fortify the Immune System
· Good tea for diarrhea
· Excellent Supply of Vitamin D
· Counter tiredness and anemia
· Treat various lung conditions in Europe
· Clean and nourish the skin

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