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Frequently Asked Questions:
What is the success rate of hair growth when taking our hair growth product?
The success rate is between 71 and 77 percent, which could be higher if the user follows the recommended 3-month trial plan. For some people it takes one full hair growth cycle (3 months from follicle to scalp surface) to notice a difference.

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Our Product

Welcome to OCHS hair herbal hairloss remedy - hair regrowth products in a bottle. We look forward to educating our guests on the hair growth process and to show you how you too can grow stronger and healthier hair.

By using OCHS herbal hair loss remedy, you'll help prevent unwanted hair loss and keep your hair healthy and shiny. OCHS hair blend of herbal ingredients guarantees natural hair growth and healthy hair retention. Try using OCHS herbal hair loss remedy today and you'll be amazed at the hair growth results you can achieve.

OCHS hair is an all-natural hair treatment solution designed to stimulate hair growth where healthy hair follicles are present. This proven hair regrowth formula was created as a result of over 15 years of research on hair growth and replacement. What we found is that healthy hair "Begins Inside of You!"

“The new growth was more noticeable after I got my hair cut. That is when it was clear that there was a change. I was a skeptic, but now I know that this herbal hairloss remedy truly works.”
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OCHS hair is an all-natural blend of nature's finest herbs. These herbs work together to remove poisons from the bloodstream.

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We have heard so many stories or “myths” as to why people experience Hair Loss.

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