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Did You know?

Spirulina can be used as a quick protein supply. Many athletes use it for an energy boost before sports. It is also ideal for backpackers as a source of nourishment. Spirulina's use as a dietary aid relates to its phenylalanine content.

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Men vs. Women

Many of the commercial hair loss/hair care products on the market chose to separate men from women. However, our research has proven that the cause of hair loss can be directly linked to a lack of essential nutrients.

Whether you're a man or a woman, excellent nutrition is important to producing healthy cells and allows for adequate blood flow. Improving one's overall health and nutrition will equally benefit either gender. See our research and Herb History to view how early human societies used herbal extracts.

Our all-natural approach is the best Organic Solution for Hair Loss. It works simply because it's supplementing your body with what it's lacking.

All of the ingredients have specific functions that work together with your body's digestive and circulatory systems to provide an effective and holistic solution for hair loss.

Read about male hair loss and female hair loss and see how you can regain a natural head of hair.


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