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"I had been taking for about two years. My hair was long in some spots. After taking your product it started getting length all over. The person that was doing my hair at the time stopped carrying your product. I then noticed hair in the basin each time I combed my hair. Then I noticed breakage. I have been taking now for three months. My hair has already improved. I will continue to take this product. Thank you!" ~ Joan

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Your safety is our utmost concern. We are proud to provide our consumers a product that is a 100% all natural herbal hair loss remedy. Our company is dedicated to providing quality products with effective results. Here are some questions that we found are of most concern to our consumers:

I'm on medication, can I take ?

is an all-natural herbal product. It is a dietary supplement, which will not interfere with any medication. However, to be safe, we suggest you discuss this and any other supplement with your physician prior to using it.

What are residual effects of ?

1. For 4-5 days a person may have increased elimination. This allows your body to begin preparing to receive the nutrients.
2. Some people with Carpal Tunnel or Gout have noticed relief in their symptoms.
3. The ingredients in may provide additional benefits towards other areas of the body that some individuals may be experiencing. This may be because one's body may lack certain nutrients that this formula may help balance out.
4. It has been reported by female customers experiencing menopause that their hot flashes have been diminished.

Should pregnant or lactating women and/or children take ?
Due to the strength and potency of formula, we suggest and caution that this product is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women and/or in children under 12 years of age. Please consult with your physician before use.

"I've purchased your product for my hair
and I would like to thank you for a great product. I also like the ingredients in it... I'm going
back to get another bottle as soon as I am finished with this one. So glad to see some hair again... Keep up the good work."

~Kellam Phila., Pa.

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