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Read what real users of OCHS Hair herbal hairloss remedy have experienced. You can experience rejuvenating hair growth using our herbal hair enrichment extract.

Some of our satisfied customers:

I used your product for the last two months and had experience a great diference, my hair loss has not yet stop completely ,but your with your product I have achieved much more than I expected, not only has helped me with hair loss but also gave me a great lenght,it is amazing

Coral Springs, Florida

I have been using SS for 4 months and can see difference!
(User had a hair loss problem for over 7 years and is experiencing positive results with the SS hair loss treatment)

J Brodie

OCHS Hair is one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Not to be "cliche" but I would be somewhere crying somewhere if I never had it. I had an unfortunate incident with a perm that caused all of my hair to fall out, when I say I was bald I mean it took tons of gel to put my hair in a ponytail. This all occurred in February of 2006.

By April of 2006 of saw a great difference. No one could believe how much my hair had grown. Not only had it grown, it also became thicker. Because of this change, my mom, sister, friends, and even my grandparents wanted some of this magnificent treatment. They all began taking it and they have seen changes also.

So this proves that no matter the age or amount of hair you've lost, it'll work for anyone. I'd recommend it in a heart beat to any and everyone.

C Carlton

Growing hair back from hair thinning and bald spots. Have been using OCHS Hair Formula with positive results.

Y Anderson

In the summer of 2001 my then 12-year-old daughter lost almost all of her hair. The previous length of hair was below her shoulders. Her hair broke off so much, that I could not even put a hair barrette around it.

She began taking OCHS Hair Formula at the urging of a friend and her hair became stronger and grew quickly. Her new growth is healthier and stronger than ever.

It is now back beyond the length before the breakage, but it is thicker and much stronger.

Thank you so much OCHS Hair Formula is restoring my daughterrs hair. Your product is great and I highly recommend it to all!

D. Lark

I started taking OCHS Hair Formula when I noticed that my hair was damaged by relaxers and my sides were thinning. The product really has made my hair stronger and the breakage has stopped! I'm so pleased and I will continue to use this solution to my problems. It really works! My hair and nails are longer and stronger.

J. Carroll

“My husband used over a period of several months. As a nurse, I carefully monitored his progress with the product. The pattern of hair loss was stopped dead in its tracks. The effect of the product was measured when growth was observed where the hair was receding. His scalp was left with a healthy look. In my opinion it works.”


"I have now been using it for only a month ...and it seems like your product really works. My hair has started to become more stronger, and healthier. I still loose hair, but I feel that the hairloss has been reduced. So, I am really excited about how the result will be after 3-4 months of use.


“This letter comes to thank you for your wonderful product. Since using your product, I have experienced, and still am, new hair growth in areas of thinning more specifically around the edges of my face. My hair was also thinning in the center top portion and I am continuing to see new growth there as well.I strongly recommend this product to anyone who has or who is experiencing hair loss regardless of gender.”


Our notice to you: I LOVE LOVE LOVE your product. Been using it and now my locs are now waist length. People always want to know my secret. And I tell them to get it now.


New hair saved my life….
As a young child I was blessed with thick, long hair. I began to take this formula off and on, so my hair would grow longer. I did not take it on a consistent basis, until my first year of college. During the second semester of my freshman year feeling very comfortable and adventurous. I changed my hair color with a product, which was not beneficial. This product did considerable damage to my hair, it stripped my hair and I mean it stripped my hair and made it thin and anemic. To a young person this can be devastating, but if it were not for I believe, I would be bald. I have heard the horror stories of people, who have used products that damage their hair and had to cut it off to save some growth. I had some damaged hair cut. But by using this I was able to retain most of my length. Now two years after my horrific incident my hair is not only healthier, but it is growing back to it’s original length and beyond. My hair dresser credits the growth and health of my hair to her work, but I know that all the credit should go to your formula.

Hampton VA

“I will tell you the truth...I had tried everything under the sun to get my hair to grow back, with no luck. Most things I tried were part of a system to get hair growth, and though it made my hair stronger in seven months time, I really saw NO hair growth!

But since I ordered it last month, I am truly happy to have done so! I have been taking the pills faithfully and new patches of hair are coming in! I can't believe it!

I had my hair braided with spring curls two years ago, and when I took them out, my natural hair came out with them! I cried tears because I almost became bald, especially on the sides of my head! The only solution was to wear wigs!

But with your wonderful product, I should hopefully be able to toss my wigs to the trash by next summer! I have been on your product about thirty-five days and the root growth is so strong and about a quarter inch long, I can barely believe my eyes! Nothing has ever worked for me like this!

I am so happy and feel so good because I know I will not wear wigs forever and be ashamed of my hair so I will have to wear a hat to cover my head! God bless you all! I am your customer for life!

Love you! Can't thank you enough!”
Cherokee Sims

Just a note to tell you how pleased I am with your product. I have had hair loss using other products that have failed, and nothing has helped until I started using OCHS Hair.

Thanks, J.R.

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