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The organic hair loss solution is an all-natural hair treatment solution designed to stimulate hair growth where healthy hair follicles are present.

This proven formula was created as a result of over years of research on hair growth and replacement

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 The Organic Solution VS Genetic

Genetic Engineering is a science that takes traditional plant breeding methods a step further.

With it, scientist can insert specific genes from one species into the gene sequence of another. This results in synthetic combinations nature could never create. Some in the scientific community believe that this will solve a host of agricultural issues.

No one really knows, what the long term effect (Positive or Negative) of this genetic alterations will be on our health or food supply.

We do not discount the possibility that these methods may eventully lead to some benefits for mankind. We did not believe it is wise to experiment with your food supply without understanding what the outcome could be.

That is why the OCHS herbal hair loss product is produced without the use of genetic engineering.

We call our products The Organic Solution and utilize special manufacturing processes to ensure quality hair loss remedies for your specific hair loss problem.


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