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How does my hair grow or can I stop from going bald?

For many centuries this has been a rhetorical question. It is the eventuality of one getting older for some. And for others they can say I am glad I have a head full of gray hair. There are whole industries for people seeking help for their hair loss. Also the appearance of hair is lucrative in the industry.

To lose hair in advanced years is expected and not something to be ashamed of with age it is considered the natural course of nature; aches, pains and possible loss of hair. But to be young and lose one’s hair is a different story all together. Within the last few years it has become in vogue for one to have a bald/shaved head and still be fashionable. But ask this question in your heart, would I rather have hair? Absolutely positively YES.

Billions of dollars are spent on hair growth and hair care products that are concerned about the appearance of hair. To actually have positive hair growth is something to be desired. There are many theories on why hair loss is happening. Then there is the heredity theory, which side of the family do we blame. I know you love you mother and father, but whom do you blame. Is it the wearing of certain types of hats? How about rubbing against your pillow or the bedpost. Let’s look at the infamous hair dryer and many, many more I am sure you get the picture.

If we look at paintings, pictures or statues of various masters in our history the evidence is available and quite clear for centuries to lose one’s hair was thought to be natural. Even though this seems natural many have tried to slow or even stop the process of receding hair or hairlines which eventually lead to baldness.

Most of the suggested remedies are topical solutions and these treatments are primarily a combination of oils, shampoos and vitamins. Topical applications have the ability to enhance the appearance of hair but not on actual hair growth? Despite one’s best efforts hair loss continues. There seems as though there is no ready solution. There are various surgical procedures available however success rates are still small. Because of the low rate of success, can the search for hair growth have another paradigm?

When we analyzed the human body we find that it is a combination of water, minerals, chemical compounds and electrical charges. The body is a set of many systems working in harmony to do the functions that they are designed to do. For the body to do its work fuel in the form of nutrition is needed. Because our bodies work this way with it’s multiple systems and if the major system needs nutrition, so does the various subsystems.

The hair strand, which we see or desire to see, has a beginning below the surface of the skin, growing through the hair follicle. The hair follicle is connected to the hair bulb, which in turn is connected to the hair papilla and eventually connected to a blood vessel. The purpose of the blood vessel is to deliver nutrition to a subsystem, and also take waste from that subsystem. Could healthy, long, strong hair be a nutritional problem? Clayman Company® believes the answer is positively YES.

What better place to look for a viable solution for the hair loss question than from its original source, the plants and minerals of the earth! Samson’s Secret® hair loss treatment is developed from intensive study and research.

Samson’s Secret® was developed using a unique combination of herbs and minerals to maximize their potency for nutritional value. Samson’s Secret® is a purely organic hair growth product that provides the nutritional vitamins needed for healthy hair by actually feeding the hair papilla to start the hair development process. The simple solution to a very complex problem is simply to feed your hair papilla a nutritional diet and healthy hair will be the result.


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