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Frequently Asked Questions:
What will happen if I stop using your hair loss formula?

Your hair's growth cycle will return to its prior condition. You will retain the growth produced by OCHS.

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Hair Myths

We have heard so many stories or "myths" as to why people experience hair loss.

Here are just a few hair loss myths that are not true:

o Hair Loss is Caused By Wearing a Baseball Hat
o Hair Loss is Caused from my mother or father's "side”
of the family
o Frequent shampooing leads to hair loss
o Hats and wigs cause hair loss
o 100 strokes a day will create healthy hair
o Shaving one's head will cause the hair to grow back thicker
o Standing on one's head will stimulate hair growth
o Stress causes permanent hair loss
o Hair loss only affects the elderly
o Hair loss only affects intellectuals

front of head hair regrowth hair regrowth process from back
Front view of the hair regrowth process Hair growth activity from the back

The years of research done at our natural hair loss lab shows that the most important factor in hair loss is a lack of proper nutrition, including all of the vitamins and minerals found in the OCHS ingredients.

Read the mythical story of Samson and Delilah and the magical powers hair gave the mighty warrior Samson.

For the latest information, be sure to check our news page, and also spend some time learning about the biology of hair growth.


Our product is an all-natural blend of nature's finest herbs. These herbs work together to remove poisons from the bloodstream.



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