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I strongly recommend this product to anyone who has or who is experiencing hair loss regardless of gender.
~L.D. Stephens


What is the success rate of hair growth when taking supplements
o What will happen if I stop using
o Is my hair really starving?
o Who can benefit?
o Is this product for bald-headed people?
o What if my hairline is receding or becoming bald?
o Is hair treatment effective on Alopecia?
o What about my shampoos, oils, and other topical solutions I use?
o But I'm on medication, can I take supplements?

What is the success rate of hair growth when taking
The success rate is between 73 and 77 percent, which could be higher if the user follows the recommended 3-month trial plan. For some people it takes one full hair growth cycle (3 months from follicle to scalp surface) to notice a difference. It takes time to reverse a process that developed over several years prior to taking hair supplements.

What will happen if I stop using supplements?
Your hair's growth cycle will return to its prior condition. You will retain the growth produced. Additional hair growth after you stop taking it will not have the benefits of being nourished.

Is my hair really starving?
Many people don't realize that hair problems are a direct result of improper nutrition. Thinning and breakage happen much more easily to hair that is deficient of proper nutrition. Other conditions negative to hair are caused by heat, chemical treatment and improper care. By "feeding the hair follicle" the hair has better ability to resist these daily abuses.



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