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Who can benefit ?
Anyone who wants fuller, stronger, healthier and more luxurious hair can benefit. If you are experiencing thinning or hair loss, can help you achieve new faster, healthier hair growth. Even if you are already happy with you hair, can make your hair healthier and stronger. You will be amazed.

Is it for bald-headed people?
No, we would not recommend for a person that is bald. Studies have shown organisms that are alive respond favorably to well-balanced nutrition. Therefore, if there are no living follicles to feed, would be of no help. supplies to living hair follicles the nutrition needed for healthy, long and strong hair growth.

What if my hairline is receding or becoming bald?
Balding is a result of stress or inadequate nutrition, but the pattern (location on the head) of baldness can be hereditary. Hair (body tissue) not fed properly starts to slow or retard in growth, to create a receding hairline and eventual baldness. is a balanced nutritional supplement to stimulate the hair follicles and promote healthy hair growth.

Is effective on Alopecia?
Although is not recommended for pattern baldness, it's use has enabled healthy hair growth to people experiencing patchy baldness (Alopecia). We would ask you to try the product for 3 months. If the hair follicles are still alive will bring nutrients to the roots to encourage healthy hair growth.

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