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Frequently Asked Questions:
What will happen if I stop using it?

Your hair's growth cycle will return to its prior condition. You will retain the growth produced.

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Clogged Bottles

What to do if your bottle gets clogged? Here's some helpful tips:

What is the problem with my dropper it is clogged?

Natural hair loss products use as much of the herb as possible in the extract process. The remaining herbs from the extraction process, may clog the dropper, but increase the efficacy of the product. We are working to have a plastic dropper available, which would be more pliable. Please close container tightly and shake liberally and or put the dropper in warm water to loosen the herbs.

The liquid ingredients in this bottle look different from the previous one?

Customers, who believe the ingredients in one bottle is different from another, need to be informed that natural products tend to have different appearances. For example, different shades of apples or berries happen all the time, but they are the same type of fruit an apple or berry. The finest HERBS have been selected and formulated to maximize the nutritional potency of this product naturally.


is an all-natural blend of nature's finest herbs. These herbs work together to remove poisons from the bloodstream.


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