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I strongly recommend this product to anyone who has or who is experiencing hair loss regardless of gender.”
~L.D. Stephens


Hair Loss in Women: Understand Your Condition

As a woman, you probably suffer ten times as much as a man if your hair is thinning or disappearing. There are many hair loss treatments available for men, and baldness in men is often accepted as inevitable. Men don’t have to face the same social discomfort as women.

In order to find the right hair loss remedy for your situation, it’s important for you to learn the underlying causes of female hair loss. Female hair loss is different than male hair loss, and the available hair loss products serve a different purpose.

The good news is that you often have a chance to stop hair loss, prevent hair loss, and restore your hair to your previous, healthy condition.

Female hair loss is more common than you would think, and there are many female hair loss products on the market. Did you know that an estimated 25 million American women suffer from hair loss and the emotional distress caused by female hair loss? About 13 percent of all women experience hair thinning before menopause. After menopause the incidence may be as high as 37 percent.

At Samson’s Secret, 30% of our hair loss product users are female, and that number has steadily grown over the years. You can find out more about herbal hair loss products for women by contacting corporate.

The Keys to Treating Female Hair Loss

Under normal circumstances, your hair constantly goes through cycles of growth, resting, and shedding. Your hair follicles constantly renew your hair by replacing old hair shafts that regularly fall out. Many natural hair loss products work by nourishing and stimulating the follicles. When more follicles go into the resting phase, or when your follicles don’t produce enough new hair to replace the old, you’ll notice hair loss.

The good news is that most female hair loss isn’t related to inherited genes. Many temporary problems related to stress, hormone imbalance, or chemicals contribute to female hair loss.

These conditions are usually temporary, and once the "trauma" is alleviated, the hair shedding stops and healthy regrowth occurs with time. There are also several natural herbal hair loss prevention products on the market to help curb or stop female hair loss. An ideal mix of herbs and nutrients may nourish your hair and improve the natural restoration of your hair.
What types of trauma lead to hair loss? If you are using cosmetic chemicals to bleach or color your hair, you increase the risk of weakening or damaging your hair. This may cause hair to fall out more quickly, and in some cases the follicles won’t be able to replace hair as quickly as you lose it. If this should happen, you will suffer hair loss.
Medication and hormone imbalances can also lead to hair loss. Severe infections might also play a role in female hair loss. Poor blood circulation is another potential cause of female hair loss.
In all of these situations, you might benefit from a natural hair loss remedy that uses herbs to strengthen and support your living hair follicles.

What You Can Do About Female Hair Loss
To find a less expensive women’s hair loss treatment, you need look no further than your local drugstore. Shelves are filled with hair growth products promising thicker, fuller hair. But most physicians and stylists remain skeptical about their effectiveness. Rogaine for Women, available without a prescription, has substantial test results backing its claims, but unfortunately seems to work only on a small percentage of the population. Still, other hair loss sufferers swear they have noticed a difference by using topical products such as Nioxin, VazoCure 30-Day Thinning Hair Treatment Program, Foltene Research Hair Maintenance Program, and J.E Lazartigue Hair Loss Treatments.
If you would like to learn about natural hair loss remedies for woman, you can find more information by contacting Samsons Secret Offices.

originally published 3-03-2005


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