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Hair Loss Products and Starving Hair

You’re in great shape, you’re healthy, and you’re using a proven hair loss remedy. So why aren’t you seeing any progress?

Your hair is a subsystem of the body. Hair growth is one of the lowest priorities of your body. Your hair is the last part of your body to feed, and no hair loss product will work at maximum effectiveness unless all the systems of your body have been taken care of.

You can better understand the limits of your hair loss remedy by thinking about cold hands. Did you ever notice that your hands are one of the first parts of your body to get cold? This is how your body conserves heat and protects your vital organs. When you’re out in the cold, the blood vessels in your hands, feet, and other extremities constrict. This limits the cooling of your blood temperature, so that important organs like your liver and your brain will stay warm.

But what do cold hands have to do with an herbal hair loss product?

Your body performs a similar function with the food you eat. The most important vitamins and minerals nourish your vital organs first. Your muscles and less important organs get the leftovers. And so on. Your hair is the very last dinner guest, taking the crumbs while the rest of the body feasts. You can be in great physical shape, but you might still be starving your hair follicles. By the time the nutrients you eat get to your hair growth system, there aren’t a lot of micronutrients left.

What does this have to do with hair loss products?

It’s possible that while most of your body gets what it needs, your hair is being cheated. This can cause your hair follicles to weaken, die, or function poorly. Many hair loss treatments attempt to stimulate the growth of new hair. But if your hair follicles don’t get the basic nutrition they need, no hair loss remedy is going to work at peak potential.

Herbal Hair Loss Products and Micronutrients

In our industrialized culture, we tend to eat a lot of foods that provide a rich supply of calories and protein. However, our diets are often deficient in many of the so-called “micronutrients.” These micronutrients are critical for strong and healthy hair. They include vitamins, minerals, and substances such as pigments and enzymes that scientists are just beginning to understand.

Your hair is part of the last system in your body to receive nutrients. This means that if you are deficient in any micronutrients, the optimum growth of your hair will suffer from a deficiency. To maximize the effects of a complete, natural remedy for hair loss, you need a hair loss product that provides enough micronutrients for every system in your body.

Whatever hair loss product you use, an herbal hair loss remedy will help you to grow stronger, longer, healthier hair. Herbs are known to nourish your whole body with a rich supply of vitamins and minerals. It’s no surprise that a high-quality herbal hair loss remedy contains herbs that provide an abundant supply of the most important herbs to nourish and feed your hair follicles and help restore weakened hair.

To improve the effects of any natural hair loss remedy or synthetic hair loss product, you should supplement the nutrition for your hair with an herbal hair loss product.

originally published 02-01-2005


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