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“I will tell you the truth...I had tried everything under the sun to get my hair to grow back, with no luck. Most things I tried were part of a system to get hair growth, and though it made my hair stronger in seven months time, I really saw NO hair growth!..."

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Male pattern baldness
Male pattern baldness, also known as androgenetic alopecia, is a hereditary form of hair loss. Male pattern baldness is by far the most common cause of hair loss, affecting over 20 million men in the United States. To fully understand what goes on in male pattern baldness, let's briefly revisit the hair cycle. Over time, some hair follicles begin to shrink, producing finer, shorter hairs ("peach fuzz"). This is what accounts for thinning of the scalp. These changes usually start at the temples, appearing as the classic "receding hairline." It also occurs on the crown of the scalp. Eventually, hair follicles may begin to die, leading to hair loss. Bald spots may increase in size until the entire top of the head is bald with hair remaining only on the sides.

Lack of Proper Nutrition
It has been shown that proper nutrition is essential in forming healthy cells and in promoting overall healthy body system functionality. Please review the information found in the Biology Section of this site, as well as, additional information on each ingredient found in Samson's Secret® and their benefits.




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