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Hair Growth Liquid

2 - 2 FL OZ Bottle $56.00
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Natures finest herbs, the only ingredients used promote healthy hair growth, nourish hair follicles, and support the nervous system. This high potency dietary supplement removes toxins from the bloodstream and ensures that the body receives the nourishment essential for healthy hair.

• 1 milliliter of the liquid fills a    standard medicine about 3/4 full.
• Draw liquid and place into an 8-ounces non-alcoholic    beverage 2 times a day.
• The 8-ounces of beverage is recommended because    some ingredients, notably the cayenne pepper, can be    uncomfortable for some consumers when taking the    herbal solution in an undiluted state

I had my hair braided with spring curls two years ago, and when I took them out, my natural hair came out with them! I cried tears because I almost became bald, especially on the sides of my head! The only solution was to wear wigs!

But with your wonderful product, I should hopefully be able to toss my wigs to the trash by next summer! I have been on your product about thirty-five days and the root growth is so strong and about a quarter inch long, I can barely believe my eyes!

Nothing has ever worked for me like this!
I am so happy and feel so good because I know I will not wear wigs forever and be ashamed of my hair so I will have to wear a hat to cover my head! God bless you all! I am your customer for life!

Love you! Can't thank you enough!

~Cherokee Sims

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