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Hair Growth Liquid

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A high potency dietary supplement promotes healthy hair growth, nourishes hair follicles, and supports the nervous system in reducing the negative effects of stress. Taken regularly for a period of 3 months, this all-natural blend of nature's finest herbs removes toxins from the bloodstream and ensures that the body receives the nourishment essential for healthy hair.

• 1 milliliter of the liquid will fill a    standard medicine about 3/4 full.
• Draw liquid and place into an 8-ounces non-alcoholic    beverage 2 times a day.
• The 8-ounces of beverage is recommended because    some ingredients, notably the cayenne pepper, can be    uncomfortable for some consumers when taking the    herbal solution in an undiluted state

I will tell you the truth...I had tried everything under the sun to get my hair to grow back, with no luck. Most things I tried were part of a system to get hair growth, and though it made my hair stronger in seven months time, I really saw NO hair growth! But since I ordered this last month, I am truly happy to have done so! I have been taking the pills faithfully and new patches of hair are coming in! I can't believe it "

~L. Sullivan

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