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Hair Growth Liquid

1 - 2 FL OZ Bottle $28.00
Shipping & Handling $4.25
International S & H $16

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Patented combination of herbs, and natural supplements, removes toxins from the bloodstream and ensures that the body receives the nourishment essential for healthy hair. This all-natural liquid blending of nature's finest herbs work to promote healthy hair growth, nourish hair follicles, and support the nervous system in reducing the negative effects of stress. Use hair loss treatment daily to combat the aging effects on hair.

• 1 milliliter of the liquid will fill a    standard medicine about 3/4 full.
• Draw liquid and place into an 8-ounces non-alcoholic    beverage 2 times a day.
• The 8-ounces of beverage is recommended because    some ingredients, notably the cayenne pepper, can be    uncomfortable for some consumers when taking the    herbal solution in an undiluted state

"During the second semester of my freshman year, feeling very comfortable and adventurous, I changed my hair color with a product which did considerable damage to my hair. It stripped my hair and I mean it stripped my hair and made it thin and anemic. To a young person this can be devastating, and if it were not for your product, I believe I would be bald. I have heard the horror stories of people, who damaged their hair and had to cut it off to save some growth. I had badly damaged hair, but by using this formula I was able to retain most of my length. Now two years after my horrific incident my hair is not only healthier, but it is growing back to it's original length and beyond. My hairdresser credits the growth and health of my hair to her work, but I know that all the credit should go to you."

~MSG Hampton VA

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our customer service and hair loss treatment solution. Please contact us with any feedback or concerns. We actively work to promote your hair growth.

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