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Hair Growth Gel Cap

3 - 60 COUNT Bottle $84.00
Shipping & Handling $8.50
International S & H $20.00

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Taken regularly for a period of 3 months, this vegetable gelatin capsule is a combination of herbs and works to remove toxins from the bloodstream while ensuring the body receives the nourishment essential for healthy hair. An all-natural blend of nature's finest herbs, is a high potency dietary supplement t hat promotes healthy hair growth, nourishes hair follicles, and helps the nervous system to reduce the negative effects of stress.

• Take two (2) gel-cap per day.
• Take one gel-cap in the morning and one at night.


“This letter comes to thank you for your wonderful product. Since using your product, I have experienced, and still am, new hair growth in areas of thinning, more specifically around the edges of my face. My hair was also thinning in the center top portion and I am continuing to see new growth there as well. I strongly recommend this product to anyone who has or who is experiencing hair loss regardless of gender.”

~L.D. Stephens

Please contact us with any feedback or hair loss concerns. We actively work to promote your hair growth.

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