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Hair Growth Gel Cap

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3 - 60 COUNT Bottle $84.00
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International S & H $20

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To ensure that the body receives the nourishment essential for healthy hair and to remove toxins from the bloodstream, take this all-natural blend of nature's finest herbs for a period of 3 months. Our vegetable gelatin capsules are an all-natural blend that works to promote healthy hair growth, nourish hair follicles, and help the nervous system to reduce the negative effects of stress.

• Take two (2) gel-cap per day.
• Take one gel-cap in the morning and one at night.



"In the summer of 2001, my then 12-year-old daughter lost almost all of her hair. The previous length of hair was below her shoulders. Her hair broke off so much, that I could not even put a hair barrette around it. She began taking hair supplements at the urging of a friend and her hair became stronger and grew quickly. Her new growth is healthier and stronger than ever. It is now back beyond the length before the breakage, but it is thicker and much stronger."

R. Johnson

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